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With the increasing need for better energy management, complying with new government regulations and optimizing of resource consumption, our micro metering solution aims to help clients reduce energy usage costs and environmental footprints.
Efficient metering and data management are the key tools to aid our client better manage their usage and increase efficiency. With our next generation cloud based energy management solutions, all stakeholders in your business – from senior management, building management to employees, can actively participate in managing and optimizing the use of energy. Clients will be able to make informed decisions quickly and accurately with real time visibility and its easily accessible platform. They will be able to access data as accurate as down to specific sockets and compare this information over self selected parameters.
Koncepts Energy Management takes the millions of data that is logged in the system and translates it into easy to understand and useful graphics that can be exported readily in different formats for presentations.
Our unique cloud approach also translates to reduced storage requirements and accessibility of accurate information in a speedy manner.
The non-intrusive installation of the system ensures this to be a quick and efficient solution.

Advance Energy Intelligence and Control across the Globe

  • Ability to view and control energy consumption in your portfolio globally
  • Hierarchical view with drill down capabilities
  • Simple to Use & Simple to Install

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Non-intrusive, easily installed
  • No additional cabling required
  • Installed quickly
  • No Software

  • Cloud based – easily accessible on-the-go
  • No software installation or frequent upgrade downloads
  • Less hassle, less downtime, lower costs
  • Measurement Parameters

    Voltage (V), Current (I), Power (W), Active Power (kWh), Reactive Power (kVarh), Power Factor (pf), Cost ($), Carbon (kg), Frequency (Hz), THD (%)
    Flow Rate (l/min), Volume (cu M)
    Flow Rate (cu M/min), Volume (cu M)
    Temperature(oC), Light Intensity (lux), Relative Humidity (%), CO, CO2

    Note: Measurement Parameters are dependent on hardware

    Driving Interconnectivity and Interoperability

    Our framework consists of a gateway and a cloud server. The gateway resides within a building and is responsible for all communications with the sensor and control modules. The cloud server is responsible for all data processing, storage and event handling.

    The GenesisOne platform is the ‘heart’ of the whole solution. This technology platform handles several important functions such as real time data collection and storage, provides a set of services that enables the powerful analytics on the dashboard, monitors and alerts users through different channels and allows users to control their equipment from any mobile or portable device with an internet connection. The platform also provides powerful security and access control functions and exposes these functions through several different APIs.

    The GenesisOne platform also serves as an integration platform. Through an adapter framework on the gateway, GenesisOne enables interconnectivity and interoperability with a variety of wired and wireless protocols.

    We use a cloud based service delivery model – meaning no installation of software or servers. Clients can manage their energy usage easily on-the-go with our web-based interface


    The gateway is installed where the electrical, water or gas infrastructure is located. Sensors stream real time data to the gateway and this data is then pushed onto the cloud server where it is analyzed and interpreted for the client.

    Likewise, control commands issued through the User Interface are sent to the gateway for execution. In buildings where there a Building Automation System (BAS) in place, an adapter is all it takes to connect the BAS to the gateway.

    M-Bus, ZigBee, Modbus, enocean, BACnet, LowWorks, 4-20 mA, 0-10V
    OSGi Alliance, ubuntu, Java
    Ethernet, Wifi, Broadband Powerline Access, 3G
    Cloud Server
    ubuntu, Java
    Web, mobile, iOS, Android

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