QURB Energy Saver

An effective & long-term energy-saving product that helps to optimize energy conservation & efficiency.

  • Improve Load Efficiency & Power Factor by 5 – 15%
  • 15 – 30% Reduction in Real Power Consumption
  • Reduce Harmonics and Wave-form Distortion by 30 – 35%

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Where are QURB Solutions Used?

Heaters motors, Blower Motors, Air Handling Units, Blower Fans, Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Fans, Suction Fans, Lightings

Why Use QURB Solutions?

Real-Power Savings:
QURB technology is the only product of its kind that delivers consistent 15-30% real power consumption (kilowatts) reduction, thus lowering the electricity bills.
Transient Protection:
Transient activities such as electric sags, spikes, and surges are protected against. Voltage and current are stabilized and optimized by the QURB before reaching the load.
Reduce Harmonics Distortions:
The efficiency of electrical loads can be improved by attenuating harmonics at the supply or by preventing their generation. The QURB reduces harmonics and wave-form distortion by 30%-35%.
Power Factor Correction:
QURB reduces reactive power and apparent power, improving load efficiency and power factor.
QURB Solutions is certified by some of the most trusted and renowned certification and testing firms in the world, including SGS, Bureau Veritas and the PSB Corporation.
QURB units are in line with ISO 14000 environmental management standards, which emphasize responsible care and global efforts in energy conservation, moving towards a greener and friendlier environment.
Product Compatibility
QURB units are compatible with single-phase (110V and 240V) or three-phase supply (415V). It is compatible for use in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and America.
QURB products have been certified for safety in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines. Certifications for other countries such as US, UK would be granted on application

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